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SmileView Experience

SmileView Experience at an Oakville Dentistry

Here at Olde Oakville, we are now starting something new and exciting exclusively for our patients. Introducing SmileView Tool by Align designed to help potential Invisalign patients visualize and see through the help of software and camera, a new and straighter smile before they even commit to an Invisalign treatment.

SmileView tool is a computer-generated simulation of how a person’ smile looks now and compare it how it may look after the treatment side-by-side. This advancement in technology provides patients with real-time visualization on how their smile would look like after the completion of the treatment.

This shows potential patients the value of the procedure in terms of bringing changes to the smile, and so decide for themselves if they want to opt-in for Invisalign treatment or not. Within 60 seconds of taking a smiling selfie using the SmileView online tool on their smartphone or tablet, prospective patients can see what their new smile and straighter teeth may look like, with their own facial features.


Align’s new SmileView visualization tool is designed to build awareness and showcase the various benefits of teeth straightening using Invisalign treatment. Using a highly sophisticated machine learning algorithm, the automated system leverages a database of tooth movements from over 6 million Invisalign cases to provide a simulation of the person’s dentition and projected outcome.

Now viewers and potential patients can play with the simulation at the comfort of their home and see the difference on their face with a straighter and brighter smile. You can see the end result of your Invisalign treatment before making any commitments.

This provides security and peace of mind for yourselves knowing you have an idea on how your teeth will look like, before making an investment and trusting a dentist with your smile at an Oakville Dentistry.


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As mentioned, here at Olde Oakville, we are now offering this service to better satisfy our patients who are looking into Invisalign treatment. It just makes sense to know for yourselves what to expect before making any investments. With SmileView you get just that, you will be able to know how your teeth will look like before any procedure or commit to treatment.

If this seems interesting to you and you want to see a simulation of your straightened teeth, then click the link below and experiment for yourself with this software.



If you are serious about an Invisalign treatment and want to know the next steps, feel free to contact us.

We are committed to your well-being, a new and bright smile enhances your life by drastically increasing your self-esteem and overall confidence.

Here at Olde Oakville an Oakville Dentistry, we want to make a difference and bring a positive change in your lives.