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General Family Dentistry

General Family Dentistry

We welcome the opportunity to introduce you and your family to our patient-focused dental practice and the many services we offer. At Olde Oakville Dental, comfort means providing our patients with cozy blankets, comfy neck pillows, soothing aromatherapy, and soft music to create a very relaxing treatment environment. Our patients can “freshen up” after their treatment with lemon-infused warm towels. We hope you will greatly benefit from our team, who deliver an unrivaled level of personal care to every patient during their visit.

Dental Technology is constantly redeveloping cutting edge excellence. Our new treatment rooms are equipped with some of the latest technology such as intra-oral cameras, enabling our patients to watch the progress of their treatment. Digital X-ray technology offers improved accuracy and up to 90% radiation reduction over traditional X-rays. High-resolution macro photography lets you see “what we see” so that you can set your own goals and early laser detection of cavities prevents extensive tooth or root damage. We continue to seek out and introduce new technologies such as non-surgical Periowave Laser disinfection for active gum disease.

There is more… We provide our patients with a proprietary, written, Olde Oakville Dental Five-Year Dental Warranty that guarantees all porcelain crowns, bridges, veneers & implant prosthetics for five full years. We want all our patients to feel confident that we deliver outstanding quality and value. So, even if you were not born with a beautiful smile, you may still be able to have one!

We offer extended office hours and same-day emergency treatment. Visa, MasterCard, and Interac are welcomed and financing is available.