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Crowns & Porcelain Veneers

Metal-free full crowns on three upper anterior teeth.  Patient had been unhappy with the damaged and darkened areas on her front teeth for years.  Two appointments two weeks apart.  Notice how the crowns mimic nature with slight translucency near the biting edge and how the uneven wear has been restored.


This patient had first pursued Invisalign to even out his smile and a course of teeth whitening with very good results. He was excited and opted to complete his makeover with porcelain application. Crowns were placed on the weak central incisors (two front teeth) and porcelain veneers on the two teeth on either side. We were able to deliver the white smile he really wanted while maintaining a comfortably realistic appearance.

This lovely lady had endured with traditional crowns on her two front teeth composed of a gold understructure with porcelain applied for aesthetics.  Notice the darkness in the gum tissue above the crowns, the “line” at the gum edge and the rather obvious look of the porcelain work with the opacity trying to hide the underlying metal.  Our patient is very pleased with her natural looking crowns which are now five years old!

Two appointments of 1 and 1 ½ hours for three porcelain veneers to repair and reinforce chipped front teeth and dramatically improve this patient’s smile. Note that dental implants were also restored on the upper back teeth.

This patient came to us with high expectations as she works in a specialty dental practice and was referred to us for a smile makeover. Her treatment included a gum lift, one dental implant and six crowns. She plans on additional crowns or porcelain veneers on the four upper premolars to complete her makeover.


This patient flew in to see us for revision of some elective dentistry she had done 15 years earlier in Manhattan. We began with a gum lift to improve the display and proportions of her two front teeth. She returned once the tissue was stable and we prepared for 3 crowns and 5 porcelain veneers and delivered them 10 days later.


This 20 year old had broken his two front teeth as a youngster and will be having porcelain veneers placed to restore their strength and appearance now that he is a young adult. This preparatory gum lift took just over an hour to reveal the tooth structure hidden by gum tissue that had not receded on its own. This instantly gave his smile a more adult look!


This was actually one of our first Invisalign cases some years ago. This young lady had been told elsewhere that she required full braces but she did not accept that. We achieved a very nice result for her in just 9 months!


This case challenged the limits of Invisalign but our patient was thrilled with the outcome.


Image #1: After many years of waiting, she finally pursued her dream smile. A little more tricky than most but we still sorted it all in 14 months. She is absolutely thrilled with her new smile!

Image #2:

Direct Bonding

Patient was looking for a solution to her spacing issue. Orthodontics were not appropriate for her bite. The shape of her teeth allowed for addition of tooth-coloured filling material to round them out and close the spaces. This took 1 ½ hours in one appointment and she was blown away by the result!

Periodontal Plastic Surgery

One Appointment procedure to cover exposed root and provide a zone of tissue resistant to future tissue recession. A commercially prepared donor tissue matrix was used for this treatment to avert the need for a donor site.

Smile Makeover

Form follows function! This lady was not looking for a smile makeover, rather she was concerned at the wear damage to her front teeth due to her very deep bite. In correcting her bite using crowns and bonded porcelain, she ended up with a very pretty and of course functional result!